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Taras Kostetskyi

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Lies of social media

If I'd say "parallel universe" what comes up to your mind first? Right, it's some science fiction, something that belongs to space and stars. However, it's not what i'm going to talk about right now, in this post by "parallel universe" I mean something that we can see in our daily life, it's our social media accounts.

It’s not a secret that many people distort reality while posting content to social media in order to present the best possible image of themselves.

Social media has become a place for people to escape reality and create their own imagine perfect world. It's a world that can then be broadcasted to millions of people around the globe. For too long people have been looking through pictures on Instagram and other social media outlets and are assuming that what they are seeing is real. Young people look up to social media superstars who have gotten hundred of thousands of followers and aspire to be just like them.

They imagine a careless life of beauty, luxury and happiness that unfortunately is a false advertisement. The pictures that are being posted are an inaccurate representation of real happiness and real life.

The reasons for lying on social media include the fear of looking like a boring person, along with jealousy on the exciting posts made by others.

Just imagine life as an huge iceberg and the small portion above the water is what we see on social media. There is so much more lying deep beneath the surface, unseen to those on top of the water. But we look at this iceberg and believe that we are seeing the whole picture just like when we look at social media we incorrectly consider that we are seeing a whole and accurate picture of someone’s life.

We used to post only positive moments of our lives to social media, what makes everybody think that we have a perfect life and everybody else used to do the same.

The problem starts once young people starting to look at these photos and tell themselves that this is what they need to achieve in order to be happy. They set an unattainable standard for themselves. When they can't achieve this they are left disappointed and discouraged.

Everyone has the right to post whatever they would like on social media. This is their right and I don't have any problems with that. There is nothing wrong with social media and its original idea of sharing pictures and information with our family and friends. But somehow, this mass media outlet has spiraled out of control and turned into a validation of young people’s beauty, happiness and self-worth.

Validation of our happiness, self-worth and beauty should not come from social media. It should come from within us. We are all flawed human beings; none of us are perfect. However it is crucial that we learn to love ourselves exactly the way that we are. We shouldn’t be evaluating ourselves based on how many likes our pictures receive on Instagram or whether we look like the people we are following. This is no representation of who we are or what we are worth as a person. Young people look up to social media celebrities and they aspire to be like them.

We should not only start portraying real beauty and real happiness but also the struggles of real life. It is what’s real that is most beautiful, the good and the bad. The more we portray that message on social media the more young adults will learn to love themselves for who they are instead of striving to be an image that in reality does not exist.