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Taras Kostetskyi

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The actual reason to own less

The last 2 years have been quite good (or even amazing) for me in terms of personal growth. I worked with a big range of different companies/enterpreneurs, started travelling for long-term, learnt a lot about how to do stuff and how not to do, and overall tried really hard to improve myself.

There’s one thing though that I’ve sticked to for a long time, with more passion in the past couple years: I don’t own shit. I insist on the term “shit” as I think it provides a valuable distinction from just “stuff” or “things”.

Owning less is probably the thing that helps me moving forward. It gives me more flexibility of moving, more freedom. Currently i don't have more than bunch of clothes and few devices to get my work done. The goal is to pack everything in one backpack, not to carry additional suitcase with me.

Some people think I’m cheap, others - that I'm miserly and don't want to spend money. But i'm not. The real reason is that I’ve never been obsessed with getting the new shiny thing. I never connected with the people waiting before the new release outside of the Apple store to get the latest gadget as fast as possible. I never felt the need to have the most expensive watch or the latest adidas. I just honestly don’t give a fuck. I don’t want it. I have no interest in surrounding myself with tons of crap that will help me peacock for a few weeks and will inevitably end up in a drawer or a closet somewhere in my apartment.

I don’t fear losing stuff, I don’t even think about it. I can safely say that if I was to lose everything tomorrow it wouldn’t take long for me to make it back. A month of working and I’d probably be able to afford more than I own right now. As long as I am healthy and can use my brain, I should be able to sort things out.

I think people should refrain themselves from consuming more than they need. The problem is how you define “need”. But if you are not going to do it for the others, consider the fact that owning little is empowering. That's the first step towards finding the meaning in things. It is not an easy enough to find yourself when you’ve surrounded yourself with a tons of useless crap.

Own less and live more ;)